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I had to sign off of Twitter because I became overwhelmed with the world. And feeling pretty hopeless.

But I will reshare this Derek Mahon poem, probably more as a reminder to myself, but maybe you need it too...

when I was 22 was having a mental breakdown, down & out in London, living in squat due for demolition, police at door, on meds for depression. Life is much better now! I had no idea I could be happy at 68! Wish I could have told her life will get better on poetry, love & nature

This is a poem published in a recent issue of Firmament. It's called 'When the Soil Is Flooded Worms Come to the Surface to Breathe' and is about an evening after work when I popped into Stephen's Green to try and switch off.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


The only law that we should all respect across every single border is Love and respect for another human being. Love and forgiveness is never a mistake but a powerful force.🙏♥️🎄

This is a poem about the crap that goes on in my head. It was published in the recent issue of Caesura and accompanied by an incredible painting of, I assume, me (on a good day) by John Renzel. 🙂