Poetry Cooperative Monthly Paid Contest

Every month, we run a paid poetry contest for Poetry Cooperative Gold Members. We appreciate your efforts and feel it is only right to pay the winner. You may submit ONE poem you’ve published here or on your website. While we provide contest briefs and prompts some months, this month,  you can submit any type of poem with any type of style or topic. You can follow a specific poetic form, rhyme your lines or write free verse. We don’t mind!The deadline each month is on the 20th. The winner is announced on the last day of the month and will be contacted by email. The prize for the winner is $20.00. As our community grows, we hope to increase the prize money.  How to Submit Your Entry Submit your poem by email to: submissions@poetrycooperative.org You may enter three different poems. Only the winner will be notified.  We would like to thank you for your submission and look forward to reading your work. ...

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