The Poetry Cooperative is a platform for poets to share and promote their poetry. You can publish your poems here, create a profile, link to your poetry website, and share it across your social media pages.

Poetry Cooperative Gold Membership gives you access to a host of promotional opportunities including paid publishing opportunities, contests, features, as well as paid publishing opportunities in our quarterly magazine. Our team of editors selects a poet to feature each week and promote the work of the featured poet across our social media pages.

You can also communicate with fellow poets, exchange comments, and drive traffic to your website and published work.

We encourage you to engage with other poets, exchange comments and criticism, and cooperate in the promotion of everyone’s poetry. 

Building an online poetry following can be a daunting task, so we have put a system in place that allows you to get the best possible traction for your poetry.

We also link with prominent poetry websites to further strengthen the network and help you make a name as a poet.

To help you improve your poetry, we have prominent poets who’ve joined us as honorary members, giving advice on getting published and more. 

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