C’est La Vie

C’est La Vie

Living a life free, c’est la vie.

Being in love glee, c’est la vie.

In the desert, in the sky, in the sun, and the sea,

Earth, wind, fire, and water are living in harmony.

A flower is nourishing a honeybee,

And a cold wind is whipping nude an old tree.

One dreaming nicely under a marquee,

One creeping under a shed with the flea.

One perfumed in bed like a potpourri,

One plunged in a bad smell alike the pee.

Some die of the hatful Fahrenheit degree,

Some live to remember the painful decree.

Some get swallowed lost in the mouth of tsunami,

Some get condemned to live orphan without mommy.

The dead have slept six feet under the debris,

The alive are mourning the dead on the knee.

A corpse is hanging in the air without ID,

Disagrees being tortured to death to agree.

One being executed by the count of one, two, three,

One being spelled the magic word of, L, O, V, E.

I am confused,

How unfair this loving life supposed to be?

A wise said: C’est la vie,

Before life, there is no he or she, you or me!

C’est la vie, c’est juste, la vie.

A poem by: Mehr

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