After the Wind

After the Wind

Having quietly come into a bit of money,

which might sound a bit sticky but was

not enough to cause over-excitement,

he didn’t buy a splendid new vehicle.

Nor did he snore to Dubai or cruise Hawaii.

He did buy a winter coat of a quality not

previously considered. Not even on sale.

He wondered if he should seize such a rare

opportunity to change his life then laughed

out loud as he walked along a silty canal

then stopped for fruit toast and coffee

at the cafe where they would burn toast

just how he liked it. He had lived simply

by necessity while managing to feel

fortunate before his wee windfall.

Didn’t have any debilitating maladies;

did have a writing desk, food in fridge,

enough clothes and books in rows.

Travel by TV meant no delayed flights,

no lugging of worn luggage

[which even sounds Heavy].

In still sound mind, it was settled.

Egg for breakfast, morning stroll,

lunch of spuds, greens, mix of beans,

perhaps a chop, the habitual siesta

before kite flying or haiku hunting.

So, not much – but enough – was new.

He’d continue to be just what he was,

a quiet neighbour in the land of Aus-


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