One thought on “POETRY COOPERATIVE Christmas Magazine – Submit Your Poem Now


    Christmas hides behind two days.
    Behind a Christmas tree, still nothing to say.
    Hide and seek is not the intended game.
    My seekers kept on shouting my name.

    A crucifying crowd calling me out.
    They want my whole head no doubt.
    I’ve been pursued around the house.
    Still I hold on to my mistress’s blouse.

    She invited me to act Santa Claus for the kids.
    But again lust has made me look stupid.
    I told the kids I was going to bring more gifts.
    But my mistress lured me into a sexual shift.

    Candidly, we couldn’t escape being caught.
    Another hard lesson about to be taught.
    Now the neighbors are calling for my head.
    Only my mistress doesn’t want me dead.

    Behind a Christmas tree, I helplessly hide.
    Disgrace is about to make me her bride.
    I’m about to be sacrificed on an alter of shame.
    Unfortunately, my mistress is to blame.

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