13 thoughts on “As It Is – A Greg Downing Poetry Recital

  1. That is some powerful stuff. I love listening to poetry being read by the author. They’re the only ones who can truly deliver it with the emotion that they had when they wrote it.

  2. “We are ill to thee world, and lost inside ourselves in search of peace of mind.” This line stuck with me. I so appreciate his words!

  3. i love listening to poetry. i try to think about what it means to the person who wrote it. and then i apply i to my own life. i love this. very powerful.

  4. I think I prefer to listen to poetry this way than to read it. It is so different when expressed by the person that wrote it and knows how they want it emphasized and expressed.

  5. This is amazing! I used to be so into poetry and now I’ve lost touch with how busy life has gotten. This was a wonderful reminder to go back to it thank you!

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