Fractal vegetable-                                                                                                                                               self-similar, edible flower-
pyramidal chartreuse curds
or lime in color,
this brassica.

Wonder-inducing Fibonacci sequence,
its piquance a hit for North Brooklyn hipsters,
or still-growing, not-knowing bridesmaids
ringing thrice, even quadrice marked-up bottles
of bottom-of-the barrel Crane Lake chardonnay,
snug in ice buckets on outdoor tables.

All in masks,
They don’t mind paying for the experience.


I made up the word “quadrice” for this poem. I hope I don’t go to poetry or linguistics purgatory for this! The inspiration for this poem came from my getting my first box of “Misfits Market” produce delivered, and the fractal beauty of the Romanesco cauliflower inside the box blew me away.





26 thoughts on “Romanesco

    1. Thanks, Ben, for your really nice comments! I appreciate reading how people experience something I’ve written, as it gives me additional insights into the piece that I myself hadn’t realized. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you, Kileen, for your ebullient praise on my poem, and for your encouragement regarding trusting one’s poetic instincts when making up new words if you need them!

  1. Although the words are beautiful, I don’t know that I can figure out what this is talking about. I was never very good at figuring out literature because I don’t get the subtleties. And I always envied the people that did!

    1. Marie, if you search “Fibonacci Sequence In Nature” on YouTube, that can help in your understanding of this poem. It’s also about emerging adults being fleeced at overpriced hipster restaurants near where I live in NY during the pandemic. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Thank you, everyone, for commenting on and sharing your enjoyment of my poem Romanesco. I do appreciate the comments!

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