Soul Tailoring

I asked the haberdasher

to make me a new soul.

something inexpensive

and lighter than 21 grams

with a loose fit.


He made it,

draped me in it

then disappeared.


I went home

and hung it in the closet


The next day

I couldn’t figure out

how to put it on.

So, I left it in on its hanger.


Overnight it got darker

and had become a shadow.


In the light it went white.

I draped it over arm

and went for a stroll.


It feel out of my grasp

onto the sidewalk,

picked itself up and

followed perfectly behind me.


By twilight it had become invisible

and was complaining loudly

that it wanted to go home.


I took it back

to the haberdasher

like it asked of me.


The store was closed

and empty of every soul.

His tools had been left out.

Sadly, the master had gone home.




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