Bless the blessings.

Bless the moon

for bestowing dreams

that illuminate the soul.

Bless its beams.

Bless the way it reveals

revelations in the dark,

black letters inked on white vellum

daring to be read

that release the heaviness of the mind

in the lightness of eternity.

Bless the idea

that frees, not oppresses.

Bless words that shed

their flesh for the revolution.

Bless the protest sign

that replaces the trigger.

Bless the chalk mark that teaches

and not outlines a body.

Bless the creative mind

that marches with determined feet.

Bless the gravestones never needed,

those living bodies never

requiring  homicide reports.

Bless all the never used bullets,

the limbs that remain whole.

Bless all those who die

in their right time,

their memories properly recorded.

Bless their smiles.

Bless your laugh.

Bless the eye

that sees, believes,

that still has vision and faith.

Bless all the prophets

who were right.

Bless the heart

filled with good emotions.

Bless the choir of our tongues,

the hymn that uplifts.

Bless all the times

that God has granted us

the chance to do the right thing.

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