Today, I Will Be the Promise

Today I will be

an apple bringer,

a sower of Job’s tears,

a healer of grief.


Today I will be

the tarty sweet fruit

passed hand to hand

in the peace caravan.


Today I will be

the cooing melody

among a flight of doves.


Today I will be

the candle of the night

that shines the best

of my country.


Today I will be

the wind that spreads

the camphoric cries

that can not be blown out.


Tomorrow the world

will grant justice

for the obstinate tears shed.


Tomorrow God will

dance and sit amongst

in the wake of his beautiful moon.


Tomorrow the residue of his love

will turn the screams into almonds

that we will eat with him.


Tomorrow we will witness

the miracle of all fallen songs

blossoming into tulips.


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