Candy Button Land

I want to go live
in Candy Button Land,
for the news everyday
gets so out of hand!

Chubby bubbles of color,
round like mandalas,
where squeaky clean lanes
lead to five wooing hues.

I’d first go hug peach-
she reminds me of the beach
with umbrellas,
and those doughnuts
that you blow up.

I would rest my head on violet,
add some white, how I’d desire it!
Pastel softer,
like fluffed pillows-
he just mellows.

I’d flip, melt, big dot blue,
then shove off in a barley canoe-
would go wading after paddling,
with my feet a’ splish, a’ splashing,
and throw back into the water
fish who’ve stranded.

Next I’d bask by gladsome yellow,
like a resting, rock-perched turtle,
take in dynamizing rays,
-Vitamin D drops had their day-
recharged chakras, freely flowing,
guide my way.

I’d lay atop of green
search the stars for craft unseen-
this one bubble,
points skyward Hubble,
readied to discover
for crop circle lovers:

who took the trouble?

I want to go live
in Candy Button Land.

                                                                                                                          Writing poems for children is calming for me, as is coloring for adults. I wrote this on 05/27/20, as we near the end of the quarantine in NYC, where I live and work in my community as a clinical social worker in private practice. It was written for 9-14 year-olds, but when I read this to an adult I know, she said “I want to go live in Candy Button Land right now, too!”