Hymn For Our Past and Future

For my reversal and recovery,

For my wife’s lost womb,

For a future free of cancers,

For the old brick house

toppled in the wolf tornado,

For the new cradle being

raised on an ancient cry of earth,

For the mothers who died

never seeing their children wed,

For rescued memories stuck on cardboard,

For dawning days of gray hair

and salt crusted smiles,

For all the altars yet to be built and crossed,

For all the twisted trees floating on rippled tides,

For all the roads, maps, stains and travails

that forged our life, created this prayer,

this hymn I sing.

One thought on “Hymn For Our Past and Future

  1. The litany of broad-brushstroke, anaphoric repetition in this elegant poem is truly engaging. “For rescued memories stuck on cardboard”….wow! I imagine old Polaroids in a basement recovered post-flood…

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