Waiting on the Promise

Wait, I spoke
to the highest star.
It winked
and bowed to dawn.

Wait, I spoke to the low sun
that set.

Wait, moon.
It just glowed on,
gracing, gifting me with bright words

Wait, I spoke to my sad heart.
It beat as a heart does,
disobedient less it stop
trembling and just soon die.

Wait, to my brain
questioning all the high lights,
the bright horizon near,
all the lunatic noise.
They looked forth
changing faces, never silent, stopping.

Wait, I spoke to my love.
She answered,
Yes, heart.

One thought on “Waiting on the Promise

  1. This would be more grammatically-correct, regarding your 4th stanza:

    “Wait, I spoke to my sad heart.
    It beats as a heart does,
    disobedient, lest it stop
    trembling, and just as soon die.”

    Just an observation, shared in a spirit of helpfulness!

    I like the image of the winking star that bows to the dawn. It’s classic, and for me, never tires.

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