Share Your Lockdown Poem Now!

I’m looking interested in finding out whether #covid19 is reshaping your poetry and if so how and most of all share your most recent #lockdownpoems

One thought on “Share Your Lockdown Poem Now!

  1. I started writing some post-apocalyptic poems and stories last year (I know, eerie, right?).

    Found Scrawled on a Cave Wall

    I live in this cave
    Deep and deserted
    Feeling safe
    Though I feel I don’t deserve it
    Entrance covered
    Disguised and protected
    From invading marauders
    And soulless infected
    Doctors offered resistance
    Gaia fought back with insistence
    To rid herself
    From human existence
    Almost succeeded
    I am proof we weren’t weeded
    But what kind of life remains
    In a world we aren’t needed

    Leon Stevens 2019

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